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                              Dive S80 terms and conditions

Dive S80 has a none refundable deposit and no refunds policy in place.  By paying a deposit or payment in full for any training or trip with Dive S80 you are agreeing to this policy.

Once Course fees are paid Dive S80 will not refund unless on medical grounds. In which case a medical statement from a Physician stating that the diver is unfit to dive and continue training will be required.

A Doctors statement must be produced within 12 months of the sign up date of the course to be accepted.  In this instance deposit taken to cover course materials will be deducted, course content already completed will be deducted along with an administration fee.

PADI Courses are required to be completed within 12 months.  If a course is not attended or completed within 12 months of the start up date no refunds will be given. 

Whilst every effort is made to complete a PADI course in 2 Dive Training Days.  If you fail to attend an agreed Dive Training Day for the PADI Course qualifying dives, or there are remaining PADI requirements/skills to complete or health and safety reasons end a days diving an additional Training day will be required which is not included in the course fees. 

Dive S80 has the right to withhold PADI certification until the course payment has been received in full.

PADI elearning courses not completed within 12 months will cease to be active and a new PADI activation code will require purchasing to reactivate elearning.

Deposit for Dive S80 Dive Trips are none refundable. Should you have to cancel, it is your responsibility to re-advertise/sell your place on the Trip. Dive S80 suggests purchasing Insurance against such eventualities.

Dive S80 reserve the right to terminate, refuse or refer diver training within published general standards and Procedures of the PADI Organisation, if a student displays irresponsible behaviour, is disruptive or is in breach of any PADI Training Standards. Under these circumstances no refunds will be given.

Dive S80 has the right to terminate or suspend a training course or a package of training courses if fees are not paid in time as agreed or if fees paid do not cover outstanding training.

Dive S80 reserve the right to exercise discretion with individuals, this must be agreed in writing and in advance, for payment plans, training programmes and course packages.

All above terms and conditions apply to any individual payment plan arrangement.


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